5 Vital Features of the Best E-Commerce Website Builder in The USA

An e-commerce website builder will help you launch your site faster and with ease. You will save money as you will not need to hire a professional to build the site for you.  With the platforms, you will create a site even without going for training. The good thing with e-commerce website builders is that they come with many templates which are ready-made and only requires customizations to acquire your desired uniqueness. Hence, you need to ensure that the platform you are using has advanced features to enhance your site’s functionality. Here are the features:

SEO friendliness

Optimizing your website to search engines is essential as customers will easily find your site. When customers are searching for products that have a relationship with yours, they can easily find your store if you optimize it to search engines. The SEO feature will enable your site to rank higher on Google. Hence, you need to look for unique keywords for you to achieve this.

Mobile friendliness

Another important feature is mobile friendliness. Most of the customers prefer using a mobile device as it is more flexible than the desktop. If you consider this feature when choosing an e-commerce website builder, you will enhance customers’ experience. Thus, you need to ensure that your site is visible on a mobile device to enable more customers to view your site.


Security is essential in every successful business. This feature is always the first consideration for customers to make a purchasing decision. An e-commerce website builder that has PCI (Payment Card Industry) should be your first consideration as it will accept the card payments. Also, consider the HTTPS/SSL certification to ensure a safe and secure check out for your customers.


The plugin is a critical feature that will enhance your business. Most e-commerce website builders have tools that will enable you to run your business successful. Plugins like accounting will help you determine your sales, profit, and tax. Also, email marketing tools will help you keep in touch with your customers by contacting them. A Platform that will enable you to reward your customers and offer free shipping is crucial as customers will choose your site over your competitors’.

Payment options

Payment is a significant element of every business. Customers search for a site with secure methods of payments. Most e-commerce website builders lack this feature. They do not accept payments via third-party vendors such as PayPal. Hence, you need to ensure that the platform you are using offers this feature to enable your site to accept different methods of payments.

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