Here Are The 3 Best Free E-Commerce Website Builders for Small Businesses in The USA

Are you in this situation where you want to shift from a physical to the online store? Or you are a new entrepreneur with the desire of starting an online business? If yes, you are on the right track as your business will be successful with huge profits. All you need is an e-commerce website to market your store. This website will enable you to have a massive number of customers. The process of creating a site can be tiresome especially when it comes to looking for the best designer to create a site for you.

In this era, you don’t need to hire a designer due to the introduction of free e-commerce website builders. They have a user-friendly interface to enable you to create a professional website without any design skills. Let’s have a clear view of 3 best free e-commerce website builders in the USA:


Shopify e-commerce website builder is the best for beginners who have no experience in designing a site. It has a user-friendly interface to help in the process of website creation. The customization options it offers will enable you to increase the size or add content as well as a logo to your site.

 Shopify has played a crucial role in making your site reach international customers due to the SEO feature. This feature is essential to enable your site to rank higher on search engines. Also, it offers a wide array of beautiful templates to choose from. However, Shopify is not a permanently free platform. It provides you with 14 days free trial. You can use this period to generate revenue for one of the paid plans.


Another large platform is Wix. It is free and easy to use.  Wix offers a wide array of fancy templates which will make your site look attractive and unique. The good thing with Wix is the plugins it offers to enhance the functionality of your site. The SEO plugin will enable customers to find your site easily. Also, it has a drag and drops editor to enable you to change the color, size, text, and style.


Weebly is an e-commerce website platform with many beautiful templates. It offers you with marketing tools that will make your site have many customers.  The SEO feature will enable your site to appear higher on Google and other searches like Yahoo. Also, it offers different payment options to give your customers flexibility during the payment process.


These e-commerce website builders will enhance the functionality of your site. In case of any challenge that may arise when using either of these platforms, you can contact their customer support which will provide positive feedbacks.

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